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Op de hoogte blijven van ons CrossFit nieuws?

  • Move your staches, Xmas is coming!
    Thank you for making the community what it is, I know we’ve said it before but we’ll say it again for those in the back, YOU’RE AMAZING. Without you we would be a group of slightly strange coaches but together we’re a big group of very strange Ninja’s.
  • Dropping temperatures and dropping barbells in October! 🍁
    October brings us leaves, rain and cold. That doesn’t matter, because we know you stop at nothing to get to the gym. And we admire and appreciate that. We’ve got some fun stuff coming up in October. Read on and find out!
  • Summer training at CrossFit Ninja’s II
    Back to school, back to the gym! We’re excited to announce an upgrade in the programming and the Arena throwdown coming up. Read all about it below.
  • Summer training at CrossFit Ninja’s
    Summer is in full swing, now the sun just needs to follow suit! Luckily your favorite gym is open for training, no matter the weather.
  • Full blown Summer! July is here 💥
    Summer is in full swing, now the sun just needs to follow suit! Luckily your favorite gym is open for training, no matter the weather.
  • NINJA GAMES 2021
    It’s here! On the 10th of July, the annual Ninja Games 2021 is going to take place. Whether you want to participate, spectate or support, this newsletter is for you.
  • Koolhydraten, goed of slecht?
    Altijd al willen weten wat de feiten en fabels zijn van koolhydraten of op zoek naar tips om je voeding naar een hoger level te tillen? In deze blog vertel ik je er alles over!
  • Summer is coming *
    As we’re heading into June, the gym is open, and life is slowly getting back to normal. This newsletter is jam-packed with all kinds of goodness for the upcoming month. Read on and find out!
  • De psychologie achter voeding
    Altijd al benieuwd geweest naar de psychologie achter voeding? Want hoe komt het dat je trek krijgt? En wanneer ben je verzadigd? In deze blog geven we je de antwoorden. Check it out!
  • Programming, Giveaway and Murph!
    Knowledge is power! Use it in the upcoming month, you’ll need it.
  • May this be the month we train inside?
    This month is going be an exciting one for us at CrossFit Ninja’s. This might be very well the month we get to train inside again!
  • April at CrossFit Ninja’s
    April is here. This means days are getting longer and the weather is getting better, time to shed that lockdown blues. Come and train at your favourite box!
  • Time to get coached again!💪
    Read on to find out about the details about the coached open gym sessions.
  • Spring is in the air
    The days are getting longer and the weather is getting better. These are the heralds of better times! Read about all the good stuff below.
  • The only bag you’ll be needing in the near future is a sandbag
    Klaar met stilzitten tijdens de lockdown? Pak een zandzak en ga aan de slag. Deze blogpost staat vol met tips!
  • Lockdown part III: the revenge of the lockdown
    As the lockdown continues through February, we’re doing everything we can to keep you motivated and to keep you moving.
  • Right about time you got the Ninja newsletter
    As we’re moving into the second month of 2021, this newsletter is about how we’re going to keep you moving!
  • Megan Kate Wall
    ”I look forward to coaching you” Megan Kate Wall CrossFit […]
  • Lockdown II: the extended edition
    Read on to find out how we’re keeping you moving through the coming 3 weeks.
  • Ok bye 2020
    Oh well, 2020 is a year we’re never going to forget, for various reasons. Thanks for the memories!

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