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  • Back to school, back to the gym!
    Back to school, back to the gym! Open Gym Open […]
  • August Newsletter
    New machines, new pegboard, new products, new event, pew pew […]
  • Kids Classes and Cucumber News
    Kids classes coming up!! Read on and find out. Congratulations! […]
  • The Ninja Games 2022 and Schedule Update
    Pair up and throwdown at the Ninja Games on the 2nd of July. […]
  • Nutrition Course, New Team Members & Lift off
    Mid – April news. Nutrition course in May, two new team members and a Lift-off competition. Learn more about these here.
  • Training tijden zwangerschap
    Ontdek de feiten en fabels van eiwitten. In deze blog vertel ik je hoe eiwitten je Sport prestaties beïnvloedt en meer!
  • Magnificent Merch, Coaches Shuffle & More
    April has got some changes. We’ve got a coaches shuffle, new merchandise, plus a new nutrition blog by Nanne. Read about it here.
  • Eiwitten; de meest voorkomende feiten en fabels op een rij
    Ontdek de feiten en fabels van eiwitten. In deze blog vertel ik je hoe eiwitten je Sport prestaties beïnvloedt en meer!
  • Open 22.3 & BBQ March 12
    We sure hope open 22.3 will build up your appetite, ’cause we got a bbq comin’!
  • Open, BBQ and programming in March
    A new era has begun. The QR pass is no more, the storms have settled and we’re Marching stronger than ever.
  • NOBULL CrossFit Open 2022
    The NOBULL CrossFit Open 2022 is about to start and tonight the Workout will be announced!
  • Details CrossFit Open 2022
    Only 8 more days until the CrossFit Open 2022 starts!
  • Whoops! Pipe leakage in changing room
    Therefor we’re leaving the lights out for 2 days and then check whether its safe to turn them back or take different measures. 
  • Open, Gymnastics, Programming and more
    Sit down and prepare for some reading as this newsletter brings you lots of info on all the good stuff coming up.
  • Lets train inside!
    Happy news. We are allowed to train inside again, exciting. We been working hard to put everything back in place and get it nice and clean. 
  • What’s new in 2022…
    The shortest day is behind us, the new year is dawning, the fall has left, the winter is setting in. Prepare some solid resolutions and read up on whats new in ’22.
  • Oh deer, it’s that time of year
    It’s time to rummage through your draws to find those wooly socks and thick winter gloves because it’s time to go back outside. The tents are standing and the new schedule is ready, let’s stay fit and get mentally stronger together.
  • Move your staches, Xmas is coming!
    Thank you for making the community what it is, I know we’ve said it before but we’ll say it again for those in the back, YOU’RE AMAZING. Without you we would be a group of slightly strange coaches but together we’re a big group of very strange Ninja’s.
  • **Member appreciation week**
    The member appreciation week is in full flight and one of the nice things we’ve got in store for you is:
  • Dropping temperatures and dropping barbells in October! 🍁
    October brings us leaves, rain and cold. That doesn’t matter, because we know you stop at nothing to get to the gym. And we admire and appreciate that. We’ve got some fun stuff coming up in October. Read on and find out!

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