Additional services

Additional services at CrossFit Ninja’s

Personal training

In Personal Training the emphasis is on getting better at moving. By moving well and functionally you can prevent injuries and improve your sports performance. With Personal Training you work on one specific goal. You choose for Personal Training:

  • If you have mobility limitations that prevent you from moving properly.
  • If you are rehabilitating after an injury or if you want to move pain free.
  • As supportive strength training for your sport.
  • If you want to get better at certain training methods, such as weightlifting and gymnastics.

The goal of Personal Training is not to exhaust you, but to teach you how to move properly. If your goal is to lose weight or feel more energetic then it usually takes more than a few personal training sessions.


Sports massage

A massage improves muscle recovery, loosens the muscles and therefore improves sports performance. After a workout you usually feel microscopic tears (microtrauma) in your muscles you can recognize this by the muscle pain after your workout. Sports massage makes sure that your muscles get rid of those microscopic tears, and that the risk of injuries is greatly reduced. 

Fysio Grow

Sometimes, on very rare occasions, the coaches don’t have the answer to fix your pains and aches. That’s why we have partnered with Fysio Grow, conveniently located physiotherapist team right in CrossFit Ninja’s. We are collaborating to find the root cause of your aches and pains and help you design a plan to overcome them. FysioGrow and CrossFit Ninja’s both agree that correct movement and exercise gets the best results. The body is as complex as it is beautiful and it takes time and attention to fully understand what is going on. FysioGrow will help you understand and solve the problems that you encounter during CrossFit, or other daily activities. Once the root cause and symptoms are ‘mapped’, it’s time to work on the mobility and load-capacity of the body so the symptoms won’t come back. 

To get you started, Fysio Grow offers a free 25 minute intake to all CrossFit Ninja’s members. 
Get stuck or feel pain during certain exercises? Schedule your intake here: