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The Ninja Games 2022 and Schedule Update

The Ninja Games 2022 and Schedule Update

Pair up and throwdown at the Ninja Games on the 2nd of July.

The Ninja Games 2022

It’s time to put your fitness to the test during a 1 day in-house competition with all your Ninja buddies. 
We’ll be testing which buddy pair has the best overall fitness with 3 workouts for all teams and 1 grand finale for the best teams. 

Each workout will have elements of weights, cardio and gymnastics to make sure the tests don’t favor specific body types and you can join the RX division or go scaled. 
Sign up with the poster on the whiteboard next to the office. 

This competition really is for everybody, whether you’re as fit as you’d like to be or not. Want to go RX? Make sure you can both do:
-Double unders
-Toes to bar
-Pull ups
-Deadlift 100/65 kg
-Clean 60/40 kg
-Snatch 50/35 kg 
If you’re still learning these movements, join the scaled division. 
Disclaimer: It’s competition day, substituting exercises (like biking instead of running) won’t be allowed. 

To make this day a great succes we need some volunteers. 
If you want to be a part of this without going HAM on 3 workouts, please sign up as a volunteer. We need a judge team, a gear team, and a barbecue/drinks team.

Expect great fun, lot’s of PR’s, good weather and an awesome BBQ!

Ninja Games details

  • Doors open at 8:00 on July 2nd 
  • Announcement workout 1 at 8:20
  • Max 30 teams, 20 scaled, 10 Rx
  • Female/female, male/male and female/male teams allowed
  • Register until Monday June 20th. 
  • Award ceremony at 16:00 

BBQ July 2nd

According to good tradition we close of an awesome competition with an even more awesome barbecue. What you need to know: 

Everybody is welcome to join the feast, so bring your family and/or friends to watch you compete and stay for food. Tickets can be purchased in the webshop through the CrossFit Ninja’s app until June 20 for €22,50. 

Expect various types of meat from the local butcher, high quality vegetarian options, potato salad, green salads, fruit salad, bread, fries and maybe some ice for dessert. hungry already?  

Drinks are optional, so not included. You can purchase tokens for 1,50 on the day to make it convenient to stay for a drink if you can’t stay for food. 

Schedule Update

From the 13th of June you can find some new specialty classes on the schedule. 
Gymnast Bram will provide the programming and teaching of Gymnastic classes on Monday 16:30 and Tuesday 9:30.

Strongwoman Roos will provide the programming and teaching of the Strongman class on Wednesday 17:45

Powerbuilder Frank will provide the programming for the *Power hour and Powerhouse Ahmad will teach the Power hour on Friday 19:00

*A combination of powerlifting, low complexity weightlifting and accessory work for joint health and muscle growth

The intro classes, usually taught on Tuesday and Friday at 19:00 seize to exist. 
Instead, we’re offering Technique class on Wednesday at 19:00 for new and current members. Learn more about the Clean, Snatch, Rowing, Pull ups, Push ups and other fundamental exercises of CrossFit. 

Train hard, recover smart.

Whether you need a deep tissue sports massage or a fascia cupping treatment, Arthur and Patrick are here to help. 
Book your appointment here.

Next to hands on treatments, they can advise you on which exercise to do to increase mobility or movement awareness. 

June Programming

The WOD’s in June will bias toward snatches and Squat cleans, with Front squats and bench press as staples of the programming. 

Also, to prepare you for the Ninja Games on July 2nd, we’re programming an extra buddy workout every Wednesday. 

Did you know?

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Shoes to borrow

In case you forgot your shoes, we’ve got a bunch to borrow in the members lounge. Feel free to add a pair you’re not using anymore. 

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