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Nutrition Course, New Team Members & Lift off

Mid – April news. Nutrition course in May, two new team members and a Lift-off competition. Learn more about these here.

Nutrition Course, New Team Members & Lift off

With Easter right around the corner, get ready for new things. 

Eat Clean, Train Dirty

The Whole 30, The Paleo Diet, Atkins diet, Keto Diet, the Mediterranean diet, the list goes on. But what makes a diet effective? 
How do we decide what we should eat, when and how much? 

We believe that with the right tools and knowhow it is possible to ‘get it right’ without stressing and we’re here to teach you. 

Join our Nutrition course in May to learn how to take control over your diet. Learn how to manage your weight and energy level for only €27,50.
We’ll meet 4 Tuesdays in a row with a fixed group to learn why it doesn’t have to be rocket science, with a measurable outcome at the end. 

You receive a full body composition analysis in the last week of April to determine your weight, fat percentage and other metrics that define your health. Frank will contact you to schedule this in. 
The re-test happens on Tuesday 31st of May from 18:00 to 19:00 to measure the effect on your health.
The body composition analysis is done with an InBody 770 at the box.

What: Nutrition course/Challenge
When: Every Tuesday in May at 18:00
Where: Somewhere private in the box
Why: Increase health, energy and performance. Learn to manage your weight and fat percentage
Who: Everybody that is looking to increase their energy level and performance, or people that experience difficulties managing their weight in a sustainable way. 
Price: €27,50

We allow a max of 30 participants, so sign up quickly if you’re ready to change the way you eat, feel, look and perform. 
I am ready! (click and go) 

Save the date

Start drafting the buddy pairs and practice those couple deadlifts, buddy carries and synchronized Toes to bar, cause the date is set…
The annual Ninja Games are taking place on July 2nd this year.  
This heads up should give you enough time to reschedule your holidays, or you’ll have to miss out on the biggest Ninja event of the year. 

Release your potential

Stuck in your ‘above parallel squat’ or can’t get into your ‘overhead lockout’ without pain? Release your potential with the help of these awesome massage therapists: 

Picture 1: Patrick Pabouet, also studying to be a licensed chiropractor, has helped coach Frank release his tight neck tissue. Patrick uses different techniques to find out what works best for your body. 

Picture 2: Arthur Seiwert, an experienced Personal Trainer and massage therapist who has helped a number of Ninjas already at the Massage studio Rijswijk and is looking forward to help us out even more. 

Both Patrick and Arthur are not afraid to hurt you, but their treatments work and they’re so nice!

Patrick Pabouet, Remedial Masseur
Arthur Seiwert, Exercise Specialist & Sports Masseur

Arthur will be here on Fridays and he is starting coming Friday 15-4. He will offer a discount of 10% on a 60 min massage and 25% on a 30 min massage for this Friday only. Book your session with this link and choose location CrossFit Ninja’s:

Patrick will be here on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. He will start coming Thursday 14-4. He will also offer a discount of 10% on a 60 min massage and 25% on a 30 min massage. You can book your massage with Patrick through the CrossFit Ninja’s app or with the link to the web portal:

Book your massage now and start your Easter nice and relaxed.

Rest Days Incoming

April is filled with national holidays and so we’ve adjusted some of our opening times. Mark them in your calendar so you can plan accordingly.

– Friday the 15th of April – 0800 till 1400
– Sunday the 17th of April – Closed
– Monday the 18th of April – 0800 till 1400
– Wednesday 27th of April – Closed

There are plenty of days to enjoy at the box this month so do not fear, your gains will not disappear. 

3, 2, 1… Lift off!

Back by popular demand; the weightlifting meet we enjoyed so much last time. 
What? 2 hours of weightlifting practice with likeminded people. 
The coaches will help you with tips and tricks to set some new PR’s.
Who? Everybody that wants to improve their lifts, regardless of experience. 
Even if you don’t really like lifting, its a great moment to practice and it’s free. Drop-ins pay €17,50 
When? April 30, from 11:00 until 13:00. Bonus: Last person standing competition after, for those who like. 
Where? In the WOD area. This means the 10:45 and 12:00 class will be cancelled. 
BBQ? Sure, why not. Let’s keep an eye on the weather forecast and keep it low key. 
Sign up? Please do, use the app and reserve a spot.

Coming in hot…

Orestis Papapetrou, CrossFit Level 2 Trainer

Coming all the way from Cyprus to strengthen the Ninja team: Orestis Papapetrou. 
Bringing experience to the team, Orestis is 34 years of age and has worked as a coach for 6 years. 
Hold on to your seatbelts, you might recognize him from the cover of that fitness magazine….  
Orestis is a certified CrossFit Level 2 Trainer and is serious about your technique, but good to have a laugh with after class as well. 

Did you know?

Ninjas Photos
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You may have noticed a change in the WOD design. 
Vasilis is taking care of the Programming since a few weeks. 
Like it? Let him know

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When you refer a friend you receive a 10% discount until the end of the year as long as he or she stays a member. You can bring on more members and even get a bigger discount! Just make sure to let us know in advance who’s your referral.