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What’s new in 2022…

The shortest day is behind us, the new year is dawning, the fall has left, the winter is setting in. Prepare some solid resolutions and read up on whats new in ’22.

What’s new in 2022…

The shortest day is behind us, the new year is dawning, the fall has left, the winter is setting in. Prepare some solid resolutions and read up on whats new in ’22.

Welcome Charlotte

At the beginning of January, we are welcoming Charlotte, a certified sport massage therapist to the Ninjas. Offering massages on Monday and Friday you have the chance to target any of the aches and pains that have been building up. 

Here’s a little more about Charlotte and what she can do for you: 

“Hi, my name is Charlotte and I live in the beautiful area of Scheveningen close to the harbor. After years of working in the dental industry it’s time to change path. 
I started with my studies for sports massage in 2017, and got my diploma in November 2018 and are registered at the NGS (Dutch Association Sports massage) 
After combining my 2 jobs for a while it’s now time to go all-in and massage full-time. This means I have 2 days to help the Ninjas from January onwards. 
I’ve also studied some specialties: 
Back, neck- and shoulder pains and lower back issues are my forte.
I also do a specialized cyclist massage, dry-needling, trigger point therapy and mobilization and manipulation for the neck and upper back. 
Always on a quest to develop my skills I also studied Caesar’s therapy, so if you struggle with posture I may have some good tips for you!
I hope to see you all in the new year!” 

How do you book a session? It’s simple, via the app you can find the Massage calendar where you can book a 30min, 45min or 60min massage with Charlotte. 
Prior to the massage you can pay via PIN at the front desk. 

Interested in buying a package? 
1x 60min is €60
8x 60min is €440 
16x 60min is €825

P.S As a GAT (Geschillen Alternatieve Therapeuten) certified masseuse Charlotte is allowed to provide you with massages even through the lockdown, yay! ber’s lounge.

New year, new deal

With the arrival of a new year, we’d like to offer everybody an incentive to get started, get busy and get fit. We all have that friend that keeps on postponing when it comes to exercise.
You help them, you help us, we help them and we reward you!

We’re offering some sweet deals for new members to start in January ánd we’re offering a sweet deal to our current members.
For every member you bring, you get 10% off your membership price until the end of 2022 or until your referral sign outs.

Each new member that starts in January gets a free PT session. Add to that 50% of the CrossFit starter pack with the Platinum membership.

For new and current members:
Pay 12 months upfront and get a free month, a free PT and a free massage. Add to that free personal locker with a Platinum membership.

Price adjustment

From February 1st 2022, we have to make some adjustments to our prices.
We always strive to provide the best service to our members and we will keep doing so.
Our mission is to give you the best hour of your day, every time you walk through our doors.
The previous price adjustment happened almost 18 months ago and we can’t put it off any longer. Due to the expected increase in costs and inflation the membership prices will be raised with €2,50.
If you want to keep the current rate, you have the option to pay your membership up front for as many months as you like before February 1st. Pay 12 months upfront and get spoiled! 

Alternative ways to support your box


One of our favorite products OrangeFit, has a selection of high quality protein, green blend and supplements. We’re extending the 10% discount on all OrangeFit items for as long as we train outside. 

More Christmas dinner details will be coming shortly. Keep your eyes peeled for posters hung around the box.

Vending Machine  

Right before the lockdown was announced, we fully stocked up on Fitaid and Nocco. FitAid launched their new Strawberry/Lemonade flavor and Nocco brought back the Apple BCAA+. Try ‘m out to feel refreshed pre and post workout.  

Start nu met CrossFit

Wil je starten met CrossFit in Den Haag?
Meld je dan aan voor de CrossFit introductiecursus.
Voor eenmalig € 50 krijg je 4 trainingen
waarin wij je alles leren over CrossFit.