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Oh deer, it’s that time of year

It’s time to rummage through your draws to find those wooly socks and thick winter gloves because it’s time to go back outside. The tents are standing and the new schedule is ready, let’s stay fit and get mentally stronger together.

Oh deer, it’s that time of year

It’s time to rummage through your draws to find those wooly socks and thick winter gloves because it’s time to go back outside. The tents are standing and the new schedule is ready, let’s stay fit and get mentally stronger together.

Signed Up, Show Up

Since we are running smaller groups, fewer people are able to come train. With this we need to be a little more rigorous with our signing out policy, especially in the morning hours.  

This goes for the early risers. 6:00 and 7:00 classes you have to sign out of your class before 00:00 otherwise you will no longer be able to sign out and will be seen as a no show. Are you on the waiting list? Be on standby to join the class, maybe one of your fellow team mates will sign out when you’re already in bed.  

Lockdown Part IV: Flashback to the Past  

Outside training takes a heavy toll on the gear. To avoid excessive wear and tear, we kindly urge you to always use rubber mats instead of placing boxes, barbells, dumbells, plates, etc. directly on the stone floor outside.   

When taking out rowers and bikes, please lift the machines completely. The wheels and construction don’t take the bumps very well.   

Almost everything can be taken outside, if handled with care. Keep in mind that when the lockdown is over, we still want to use all the same gear. This means that under certain circumstances, we need to go without moisture sensitive gear. For example; barbells, bikes and rowers don’t do well in rain or heavy mist, not even under the tents.   

If you have any questions or are not sure if something is OK, please ask the coach. We’re always happy to think about alternative ways to accommodate your training.    

Across the street in front of CrossFit Ninjas you find the CarWeide. The floor is leveled and suited for dropping heavy weights, our sidewalk is not.   
If you’re really in the mood for some heavy lifting (and dropping), feel free to bring all the gear you need across the street, just don’t leave it there when you’re done. 

Take advantage of the situation and practice some things you usually don’t do inside.   
Flip some tractor tires, lift atlas stones, have a long sled walk and get strong with loaded carries.   

Finally, please keep the doors closed as much as possible so the coaches can find some warmth inside between the classes.   

Crank up your immune system and keep a warm body.   

We mean this literally. Do you know the feeling when you’re so tired or hungry you can’t get warm?   

There are some easy ways to protect your body from the cold while boosting your immune system at the same time.  
Eat well and enough. Healthy clean foods are essential to keep your organs healthy and by consuming a little bit more than you usually do, you fire up your metabolic system.   
Get a protein shake after workout as it’s is very unlikely to be stored as fat, but you shouldn’t really worry about fat storage anyway. You’ll notice sooner than later if you’re eating too much by the waistline and you can cut it down a bit. The upside of having a little extra fat is that you’ll stay warmer during cold days. And did you know you need fat to store essential vitamins?   
So, loose the vanity and eat, you’ll feel stronger too.    

Cold showers or baths. By exposing your body to the cold you’re training to endure it. Next to the increase in your metabolism, it’s known to boost your immune system.   
It takes a little discipline or you may need to tap in your inner crazy person, but next time you’re nice and comfy under the hot shower, turn off the hot water at the end.   
Start with 10 seconds and train to last 2 minutes. The effects are amazing.   

Stock up on supplements. Buy yourself the gift of health and energy.   
Some supplements work immediately while others take a few days, but the following supplements are absolutely worth the investment: 

Vitamin B: Helps convert food into energy, which is pretty awesome when you need to fight the cold outside. It also works on brain function and it’s essential for good metabolism as it keep your cells healthy.   

Vitamin C: Do you really eat enough fruits and vegetables to support your vitamin C intake? Some researchers claim that the amount of vitamin C in our day-to-day food has drastically decreased over the last decades. Being a real immune booster, supping up on C is the smart thing to do.   

Vitamin D: your body can create this, but you need sunlight for this. Days are short, dark and light is weak. Take vitamin D after breakfast and experience a better mood all day. It helps regulate calcium and phosphate which help keep bones, teeth and muscles strong.   

Magnesium: Take this 30 minutes before sleep to optimize effect. Some people report more intense dreaming after a few days, which is a sign of better sleep. You can go without food longer than you go without sleep and sleep deprivation takes an immediate effect on your energy level and immune system. Some people wake up more tired the first few days when new to this supplement.   
Next to the effect on the quality of your sleep, it does wonders 
for you muscles, you’ll find this supplement in all the pro’s bathroom cabinets.   

Omega 3: the best of all the omega. The list goes on with this one:   
Reported effects vary from an increase in joint health, energy, productivity and overall mood, as well a decrease in heart disease, artery clothing, asthma, Alzheimer and much more illnesses.   

Fact is O-3 is essential for your heart and lungs and it’s a vital component of your cell walls, meaning it’s needed for a healthy metabolism. If that doesn’t convince you, O-3 improves sleep, alleviate menstrual pain and helps reduce premature aging of your skin.  

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