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Kids Classes and Cucumber News

Kids classes coming up!! Read on and find out.


Let’s start with a big applause for the winners of the Ninja Games 2022. 
RX winners: Estere Lismente & Andrea Stagianou 
Scaled winners: Joomi Pak & Dennis Spit 

We honestly think everybody did great and we’re excited for the 2023 edition. 

Next year we’re opening a new division and… coaches can join. 
To keep the workouts a secret for all participants next year we’re looking for a few members that would like to join in on the organisation. 

Send us an email if you would like some more info on this. 

Ninja Games Winners

Kids Classes

Being a parent is sometimes hard. Kids can really give us a hard time and sometimes you just want to get revenge. 
Now you can! In a completely safe and responsible way. 
Sign your kids up for CrossFit classes and watch them suffer through WOD’s as you do. Have a nice workout yourself while they’re at it and enjoy a tired little infant that wants to sleep directly after dinner. 
We’ll teach them that hard work pays off, you’re not done until you’re finished and they get stronger, fitter and healthier as a nice side bonus. 

All jokes aside, Kristin has years of experience teaching kids and after completing the CrossFit Kids course she is 100% ready to safely introduce your kids to the thing we love so much. 

  • First class on August 31
  • Ages 11-15: Tuesday and Thursday at 16:30 
  • Ages 6-10: Thursday 15:30
  • Ages 3-5: Friday 15:30 

Kids classes won’t be 60 minutes, but we’ll keep them busy for the full hour so you can have full workout at the same time. 

Prices to sign your kids up: €29,50 monthly up to age 11 and €52,50 monthly for ages 11 to 15. 

Send us an e-mail if you would like to reserve a spot in the trial class. After completion of the membership you’re app can switch accounts so you can see and control the reservations for the kids classes next to your own. 

Let us know if you have any questions. 

Pic: Awesome mum Sujata (soe-dja-ta) demonstrating the post WOD feeling 

Sujata after the workout

Summer Schedule

With the summer hitting us hard and the holiday season in full swing, we notice some class times are less popular than normal. 

We’re keeping a close eye on this trend and will adjust the schedule accordingly to avoid empty classes. 

Not to worry! The roster will bounce right back to normal once the holiday season is over. 

Bring your kids to the box

Feel free to bring your kids to box. We have lots of toys and places where they can chill. We’re even setting up a trampoline so they won’t bore out. 
However, kids are not allowed in the open Gym or WoD area, nor do we appreciate it if they play with the exercise equipment. 
We thank you in advance for your understanding and hope you can still make it through our doors now the school is out. 

CrossFit Ninja’s is looking for a housekeeper. 
Do you know anybody that would like to join the team for 20-30 hours per week, please let us know. 
This person will be responsible for the overall tidyness of the gym, including toilets and changing rooms.  
Optional extra duties regard the maintenance of rowing machines and such. 

Did you know?

Ninjas Photos

Want photo evidence of you doing CrossFit?
Browse our photos here, we update this link monthly.

Shoes to borrow

In case you forgot your shoes, we’ve got a bunch to borrow in the members lounge. Feel free to add a pair you’re not using anymore. 

Your 2nd home

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