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Back to school, back to the gym!

Back to school, back to the gym!

Open Gym

Open Gym
The Open Gym is a great place to get some extra work done before or after you’ve joined a class, or to do your own program. We encourage everybody to practice their weaknesses and enjoy their strengths.
To enjoy our gym to the fullest without limiting others we need know what we can expect from each other and understand what others expect from you.
Please stick to these simple guidelines to keep our 2nd home a happy place.

Always book your slots.
Slots can be booked per 30 minutes.
Please book all the slots you will be present, and be present on all the slots you’ve booked.
When the open gym is fully booked we can not guarantee your happiness and safety, so full means full.

Keep your personal timers muted.
We understand it’s convenient to hear your EMOM timer, but it can also be very distracting for others. If you can’t see your timer, please connect it to your headphones.

Be considerate, humble and kind.
When you set up multiple exercises, be aware that you might be blocking access to equipment you’re not using. Understand that somebody else’s workout is equally important as yours and remember that a little kindness goes a long way.

Meet the coaches

Coach Manon (left) and coach Edel (right) are here to strengthen our team, your biceps and glutes. Give them a warm welcome when you see them and pick their brain! 
Teo will return from his adventure as a pro football player next week and he’s here to brighten your day with his forever smile and strong tales. 

Event Calendar

  • October 1st: Hyrox event from 10:00-12:30
  • October 28th: Halloween movie night
  • November 12th: Powerlift off
  • December 17th: Christmas dinner

More info on these event follow soon via push message in the Ninjas App.

Powerlifting Programming and Event

It’s time to kick ass and chew bubblegum, ‘cause the PR week had begun.  Set some new Personal Records this week and enjoy 2 weeks of sexy MetCons next week. The next cycle starts August 29, will last for 11 weeks and allows you to get significantly stronger on Deadlifts, Back Squats and Bench press using the 5-3-1 Wendler system. 
Instead of a PR week afterwards (Wendler does not care about your 1RM because when you can do more reps with the same weight it’s probably safer and you got stronger as well) we’re hosting our first ever Powerlifting meet. Counting down….

To Rectify

In the previous newsletter we mentioned we’re using the Wendler system to build our strength over the current cycle. Instead we’re using the battle tested Matsas cycle based on the sovjet training regime. 

Did you know?

New FitAid

FitAid has launched FitAid energy! Your favourite beverage with 105mg Caffeine in Peach/Mandarin flavour.


Add an extra user to your account using the Family account button in the app to sign up your kids.

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