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Spring is in the air

The days are getting longer and the weather is getting better. These are the heralds of better times! Read about all the good stuff below.

Spring is in

the air 🌞🌻

The days are getting longer and the weather is getting better. These are the heralds of better times! Read about all the good stuff below.

It’s time to train

We’re staying positive, but it’s still going to be a few weeks before we can open our doors again. We understand it’s getting increasingly harder to stay motivated, so that’s why we’ve come up with something to make it more easy for you to come in and train again.

  • We’re going to place two extra tents outside. This means we’re upgrading our capacity to 8 people for outside WOD’s and 10 for the Open Gym.
  • At set hours there is going to be a coach available to guide you through the WOD. This means it’s not a group class, but a similar construction to the one we had back in June. For the exact times, check the schedule below. This means you’ll get the programming through the app, you need to get your gear outside yourself and there will be a coach outside who’s going to give you ques and answer your questions.
  • WOD schedule:
    • Monday Through Friday
      • 0700h
      • 0930h
      • 1200h
      • 1630h
      • 1745h
    • Saturday
      • 0815h
      • 1045h
    • Sunday
      • 0930h
      • 1200h
  • This means that the Open Gym is going to be available between these times. Check the schedule in the app.
  • Remember, subscribing for a WOD is going to cost you a credit.
  • The idea behind this new set-up is to motivate those who have a hard time training by themselves or coming up with a training. Again, there is going to be a coach on site who’ll be able to help you out.
  • Unfortunately, this also means that our Zoom sessions will stop, once we start giving ‘classes’ again. Please feel free to come in and join one of the coach-guided sessions.
  • Disclaimer: we’re not breaking any rules regarding the new or current measures against the Corona virus. During the sessions the 1,5m safe distance will be guaranteed and we’re still not coaching you as a group.

Finally, and most important: the changes above will be active from the 4th of March and onward. Hope to see you all very soon.

The CrossFit Games
2021 OPEN

The clock is ticking. You have about two weeks left to draft your team, arrange your outfits and get some dust of your engine.

This can only mean one thing. The OPEN is upon us. Even if it’s going down a little different from previous years, a lot of things will stay the same. So rest assured, the OPEN will:

  • Still be a lot of FUN.
  • Still be a bunch of crazy WOD’s.
  • Still bring you TOGETHER as a team.

If that’s not enough, you’ll even get the chance to compete and win some cool goodies! Eternal glory not included!

We’ll even have a prize for the coolest team name.

Let us give you a refresher on how to draft your team:

  • You can’t have the same team members as last year.
  • Your team has to have one master (35+) and one beginner (<6 months of experience).
  • Gender distribution in your team should be balanced out.
  • A maximum of one coach per team.
  • No more than 6 people per team.

We realize that during the locked down situation it’s harder to bump into people you could draft for your team. We’ve decided to help you out. We’ve made THIS form, so you can use it as a sign up poster. Feel free to share contact details, OPEN experience and so on. Don’t forget to get yourself out of the document once you have a team!

Whenever you have a form, please let us know. We’ve already received some teams and we’re hoping to receive many more!

Sweet deals!

Going hard in the outside open gym or at your home with a Zoom session can be absolutely taxing on the body. Stress from working at home can also be a detrimental factor to your recovery. We thought we might help you with this as well, so we came up with some NinjaCare packages. Check it out:

  • The NinjaCare package for February consists of:
    • A bottle of AA, to keep you going during longer aerobic sessions.
    • A bottle of Barebell Protein shake, because it’s the only time you’re getting wheysted this month.
    • A can of the real Chocomel, because none taste better after a workout.

This bunch of goodness can be yours for a mere € 3,00.

The care package will have different contents every month!

Please feel free to come and pick one up, you can pay either cash or by card. Thanks!

They see me rollin’

We noticed that stretching and mobilizing before or after the WOD is not really high on people’s wish lists these days. We also understand the numerous reasons for not prioritizing mobility, but we just want to let you know it’s very important to keep doing so. Also, foamrollers are not on the list but you are allowed to take them outside and work on those sore muscles!

Borrowed Gear

As you’ve probably read, we’re starting giving semi-WOD’s outside again. This means we’ll need all the gear we have, on site. Please, if you have some gear lying around you borrowed from us, return it as soon as possible. Thanks!

New T-shirts

The new T-shirts are in and waiting to be picked up! If you haven’t picked up your new T-shirt, please come in and do so!

CrossFit Ninja's Den Haag

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