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Right about time you got the Ninja newsletter

As we’re moving into the second month of 2021, this newsletter is about how we’re going to keep you moving!

Right about time you got the Ninja newsletter

As we’re moving into the second month of 2021, this newsletter is about how we’re going to keep you moving!

Zoom in, Zoom out

The Zoom sessions are great stuff, and we love seeing you participate from your homes. We know doing a workout from your home is not everybody’s cup of tea, but we’re really happy to see some of you on a daily base.

We would just like to remind you that we have daily Zoom sessions at

0815h, 1200h, 1700h, 1900h.

You may not be using heavy barbells or pull-up bars, but you can expect some pretty challenging workouts!

Come on and give it a try!

Parking lot Performance

We’ve seen a lot of you going hard at it in our makeshift open gym outside on the parking lot. And honestly, it brings us great joy to see you working out outside and making the best of a less ideal situation.

We’re doing our best to get the word out to as many members as possible, but we’d just like to remind you that the open gym is accessible for everyone that has a subscription or a punch card.

It’s simple: you book your spot in the app, you show up, get your mats and the gear out and start your training. Afraid you won’t have any inspiration? We have a huge whiteboard near the windows full of workout inspiration. And you can always ask the coaches for help of course!

Please don’t hesitate and please reach out to us when you do.

We care about your wellbeing, whether it’s physical or mental.

We hope to see you soon!

Sweet deals!

Going hard in the outside open gym or at your home with a Zoom session can be absolutely taxing on the body. Stress from working at home can also be a detrimental factor to your recovery. We thought we might help you with this as well, so we came up with some NinjaCare packages. Check it out:

  • The NinjaCare package for February consists of:
    • A bottle of AA, to keep you going during longer aerobic sessions.
    • A bottle of Barebell Protein shake, because it’s the only time you’re getting wheysted this month.
    • A can of the real Chocomel, because none taste better after a workout.

This bunch of goodness can be yours for a mere € 3,00.

The care package will have different contents every month!

Please feel free to come and pick one up, you can pay either cash or by card. Thanks!

Team up: the Open 2021

It’s like Christmas for CrossFitters. The annual CrossFit Games Open is about to go down again.

And you know what that means: time to team up. Like the previous years, we’re going to make the Open an in-house team competition. The rules for building a team are very simple:

  • You can’t have the same team members as last year.
  • Your team has to have one master (35+) and one beginner (<6 months of experience).
  • Gender distribution in your team should be balanced out.
  • A maximum of one coach per team.
  • No more than 6 people per team.

As this years Open will have online characteristics, feel free to draft former Ninja’s for your team as well.

We’ll rank all the teams, and after three weeks, we’ll announce the winner.

  • Week of March 8 Open Week 1
  • Week of March 15 Open Week 2
  • Week of March 22 Open Week 3

Need a goal to start training again? We’ll see you on the leaderboard. Please email us with your team name and members. Let’s go!

Getting flexy

All the working out and sitting behind the desk might get you in some weird positions eventually, but don’t worry, help is underway. We’ve shot some nice mobility video’s for you to enjoy and help you out staying swole and flexy. Check out the video’s here!

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