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Newsletter 11 2020

Get ready for new stuff in November. We’ve got new coach support, a new bring a friend date and a new partnership too!

November’s Ninja Newsletter🍂🍄

Get ready for new stuff in November. We’ve got new coach support, a new bring a friend date and a new partnership too!

A knight in shining armor

We’re happy to welcome coach Teo to the team. Teo will be coaching the WOD’s on the Friday mornings and will be supporting the team where he can. Here’s an introduction:

Hello everyone,

I excited to say that I’m part of the CF Ninja community, I’m really looking forward to meeting you all. 
My name is Teo, I’m 26 years old born in Sweden, along with my native language I speak English, French and also some Spanish. I’ve been fortunate to travel a lot to various countries and I’ve now landed in the Netherlands. 
What I can bring to the already well established group would be a good sense of team work, leadership, work ethics, good dynamic and positive attitude. Those are the main values that I cherish with the love for my job. 
I’ve been playing American football for some years now at a semi professional level across the world which is how I discovered CrossFit as an off-season training program. I’ve been training with the CrossFit philosophy for a few years now and it’s had a great impact on my performances and my life. 
I discovered a whole new community, a lifestyle, training atmosphere and best of all great people. 

Really happy to be here and eager to get started, see you at the gym.

Have a chat with this nice guy and give him a warm (1,5m) welcome the next time you see him.


At the time of writing this newsletter, nothing has changed to the most recent COVID guidelines. However, the number of infected is (still) rising.

We want to ask your attention for the following:

Please wait outside when you are early for your class. 

Please leave immediately after your workout. 

When you can, please come to the gym at off-peak hours.

We love having you at the box, but we have a hard time keeping the number of people in the gym under 30 at peak hours. 

This is a problem. Your health, the health of your fellow Ninja’s and coaches are at stake. The virus is no joke and we have to take this seriously. 

CrossFit Ninja's Den Haag

Roots of Iron

We’re happy to announce that CrossFit Ninja’s has a new partnership with a clothing brand that fits our own values. Meet Iron Roots:

‘At Iron Roots, we think it’s not only important that people feel good by working out, but also by what they wear during the work out. 

More than 90% of all sports clothing is made up of plastic, such as polyester and nylon. Besides the fact these fabrics start to smell bad once you start working out in them, the production and use of these materials has a detrimental effect on the environment. 

Iron Roots products are the answer to the above: sports clothing based on ecological materials such as hemp and eucalyptus. These fabrics are not only environmental friendly, but they are also very nice to work out in. Our products don’t smell when you work out in them and they will keep you nice and cool during your WOD’s. 

Iron Roots. Say goodbye to bad odor and hello to comfort!’

We’ ll be featuring the Iron Roots clothing in the pro-shop soon.

For more on the above, check out

Open gym announcement

As you all know, the situation around the corona virus is not improving yet. This is why we just want to remind you of a few things for when you use the open gym:

1. You can only be in the open gym if you subscribed through the app.
2. No earplugs or headphones when training in the open gym. If you don’t like the music ask the coach for something else. 
3. From Tuesday, November 3rd and onward, the Open gym will be available from 1500h, but will be close between 1730 and 1900, because of the intro class. 

Our position as coaches is one of service, not of power. We therefore strongly dislike policing the open gym and enforcing the rules above. We kindly ask of you to stick to them. Thank you!

It’s bring a friend time again!

It’s about time to get another bring  a friend WOD going! This time you can bring your friends, collegues and neighbours to train at your favorite gym on Monday, the 16th of November at 2015h.

It’s going to be good fun, so don’t hesitate to sign up. 

Speaking of which, send us an email with your name and the name of your friend(s). See you all there!

Start nu met CrossFit

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