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Manon Brandenburg

I want to help you become better but also make sure you have fun while doing that.

Manon Brandenburg

“I want to help you become better but also make sure you have fun while doing that.”

Manon Brandenburg

Manager, CrossFit Trainer

Sport has not always been a big part of my life and it became a passion for me later on.

As for my educations I started with different things, such as: tourism, international business and languages and commercial economics. Nothing in these studies have anything to do with sports.

Also I did not do much sports when I was younger except for gym in school. When I was around 23 I started with some fitness but really found my passion when I started Crossfit around 5 years ago.

I wanted to know more about training and teaching and became a personal trainer. I noticed that I really loved helping people to get better no matter what level they are at.
After giving personal training for a while I got the oppurtunity to start teaching Crossfit classes and liked that even more!

Coaching is now my full time job and I still love doing it so much. I am excited to join the Crossfit Ninjas team and can not wait to coach everyone of you.


Chivo – Personal trainer pro & lifestyle coach
Sterkher – pre & postnataal fitness
MNU – evidence based nutrition course 
Milo Education – Personal trainer

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