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Summer training at CrossFit Ninja’s II

Back to school, back to the gym!
We’re excited to announce an upgrade in the programming and the Arena throwdown coming up.
Read all about it below.

Summer training at CrossFit Ninja’s

Back to school, back to the gym!
We’re excited to announce an upgrade in the programming and the Arena throwdown coming up.
Read all about it below.

Programming upgrade

The rumors are true. Straight outta lock down, right into the Ninja In our journey to get all round and look the part, we’re constantly fighting a 10 headed dragon.
To look like a Norse god, lift like an Olympian and feel strong like an ox, we need to train hard with the weights and constantly add weights and/or reps to the exercises.
Simple enough, if it wouldn’t be for us ‘CrossFitters’ also wanting to be fast on the bike, agile in the rings and still row 2K under 8, no wait, 7 minutes.
If that would be it, fine. But we also need to practice our basic movement skills as well as the higher skill movements and invest a fair share of time in our mobility now that we’re healthy, or invest twice as much time when you’re injured.

Now, I like to think we’ve got a way to train smart and conquer that dragon…

Starting Monday September 6, the programming will be expanded with more elements to choose from if you like to do extra work in the Open Gym, or construct your own work out without interfering with the box programming.
The Box programming will be based of the Wendler ( method for at least 3 months. You need to know your 1RM (RepMax) for Deadlift, Backsquat, Bench press and Shoulder press so you can used the right weights. If you can take the volume, do this strength work 4 times a week, even if it’s not a part of the class.

The Dynamic work like Snatch, Muscle ups, Box jumps and many other exercises form a separate element that you can choose to do in the Open Gym if it’s not programmed.
This element is typically 10-15 minutes of 2 or 3 exercises.
Let’s not forget our sexy MetCons. Nice, face melting 20+ minute WOD’s with anything we like to put in the mix. Nothing gets excluded and is typically programmed in between the heavy days and with a buddy on Saturdays.
Our Cardio Vascular endurance can use some isolated work too. So we’ll program it. Do it, or don’t. Your choice. Same goes for the Skill work, Mobility sessions and Assistance work.
All very important, but you decide what extra stuff you do.

The classes will always contain the warm up and 2 or 3 other elements that make sure the class programming is solid on its own.
The Open Gym/extra work can be found in the app and seamlessly blends with the WODs.
All elements can be personalized for personal training, personal programming or remote coaching.
If you need any help or if you have any questions, please let us know.
-More consistent programming, that leads to more consistent progress.
-Always know what to do in the Open Gym.
-Reduce the risk of overtraining
-Strength as base of impact resistant bodies, to reduce to risk of injuries
-Simple and elegant Power workouts, combined with long and sexy metcons
-Transparent programming, easy to personalize
-Better balance between skill, mobility, intensity and recovery.

Sign Up and Throwdown

After the Ninja games many of us discovered the power a competition has in showing our potential. If you couldn’t join the Ninja Games or caught the competition bug, here’s a new opportunity to have some fun and see how much you’ve grown this year.
Several Ninjas have already signed up for the Arena Throwdown and there still time for you to sign up as well. The Arena Throwdown Online Qualifiers, will take place between November 1st and December 15th, consisting of three online events. Rally up your training buddies and get ready to crush the next few months of training.
Interested in signing up, use the following link to register:
Wondering what division to join? Here’s the link for more details:

With the new strength and skills of the new programming we look forward to seeing Ninjas sweep the competition floor.

Get A Grip

We’re gripping, kipping and occasionally ripping. So here’s a tip if you sometimes rip, use this to get a grip.

The OG of handcare. Blisters, calluses or cracks, RipFix has got you covered. By soothing your wounds it will help promote a speedy recovery so you can get back to action faster.
This super tool has been added to the vending machine.

Do you feel you’re slipping out of the rig or loosing grip of the bar? Kwakzalver has a range of magnesium based creams which help improve your grip strength and give you the support to last a little bit longer.

Ronin Tape
Thumbs up for thumb support. Ronin thumb tape is designed to provide you with extra support, with strong elasticity to make it suitable for Olympic lifting and CrossFit trainings.

Did you know…?

You no longer have to wait for a Bring a Friend class to team up with your not yet so CrossFitty friend, instead have them sign up for a trial session using the link on our website.

Since recently all plastic bottles have a deposit of 15 cent to encourage us not to waste plastic. Reuse or recycle your bottle or leave it in our plastic bin next to the vending machine.

Start nu met CrossFit

Wil je starten met CrossFit in Den Haag?
Meld je dan aan voor de CrossFit introductiecursus.
Voor eenmalig € 50 krijg je 4 trainingen
waarin wij je alles leren over CrossFit.