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Summer training at CrossFit Ninja’s

Summer is in full swing, now the sun just needs to follow suit! Luckily your favorite gym is open for training, no matter the weather.

Summer training at CrossFit Ninja’s

Summer is in full swing, now the sun just needs to follow suit! Luckily your favorite gym is open for training, no matter the weather.

Holiday training sessions

Many of you are enjoying a well-deserved holiday right now, as you should during this time of the year. For those still working or staying at home this year, this little article can be just as useful.

Most of us are enjoying a holiday this time of the year, either abroad or in the Netherlands. While it might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about being on a holiday, working out while you’re off can actually be a great thing.

When training at a different gym or CrossFit box will get you to meet new people, find out about different warm-up drills or movements and get to experience a different atmosphere. Having a nice training session outdoors or on the camping site can also be very nice. You’ll find good workouts that require little to no training gear online. Having a great view or a change of scenery for during your workout can be quite motivating as well.

The above comes with a note of caution, though. For most people, the holidays mean their alcohol intake will increase, while the intake of nutritious food will decrease. Because it’s temporary and you need to enjoy life, this is fine. However, you have to take this into account when you want to work out. Taking extra care to have a solid warm-up, a nice cool-down and a proper recovery might be a good idea. Also, you might spend the holidays being active, but not doing CrossFit, which is perfectly fine too.

The summer holidays are a time to unwind. If that means doing no intensive physical activity at all, then be our absolute guest. This might mean you’re in for a rough start when you return, but no worries: we’ll get you back in shape in no time.

Stay safe and enjoy!

CrossFit Ninja's Den Haag

Candid Camera

The Ninja Games 2021 are just in the books, and what an amazing time we’ve had. Memories are fleeting, so it’s a good thing we still have some pictures left! Coach Megan did her very best to capture you in all your glory. You can find the pictures here. The link will give you acces to our public images, including those we already used on social media. Please feel free to use them on your social media channels as well. Enjoy!

Got to get some protein in bro!

We’ve recently added another protein brand to our assortment of supplements. The Natural Health Company will supply CrossFit Ninja’s with high quality pure whey protein isolate. The type of product is not really new, but it is very different compared to the other types of protein we sell. To elaborate:

  • Orange Fit Protein –> This is the plant based protein brand we sell. 100% pea protein, no animals involved. This protein powder contains 78.1% protein per scoop.
  • Foodspring Whey Protein –> This high quality protein from the German brand Foodspring is a blend, made up of whey protein concentrate and isolate. You could say it’s less pure compared to pure isolate, because it contains more carbohydrates and fats. It does taste a little bit better though. This protein powder contains 81% protein per scoop. It’s nice to know that the milk Foodspring uses is sourced from grass-fed cows from New-Zealand that spend 90% of their time on grass fields. Includes a free shaker.
  • Natural Health Company Whey Isolate –> This protein powder has the highest concentration of protein per scoop: a whopping 90%. This means it does taste a little less creamy then the other brands, but if you like more protein and less carbohydrates and fats, this is your brand. If you like your powder nice and simple, this brand has a natural flavor as well. No sweeteners or flavouring! Includes a free shaker.

If you have any questions regarding the protein powders, please feel free to ask one of the coaches. You can buy any of the above in the shop.

Bring a friend in August

August brings a new opportunity to show your friends your favourite training place. The 16th of August we’re organising the bring a friend for August! We’re starting at 2015h, so let us know who you would like to introduce to the wonderful world of CrossFit. Send us an email with the name of you and your buddy and we’ll get you set up! We’d love to see you there.

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