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Programming, Giveaway and Murph!

Knowledge is power! Use it in the upcoming month, you’ll need it.

Programming, Giveaway and Murph!

Knowledge is power! Use it in the upcoming month, you’ll need it.

May the template be with you

We know you like to know what’s coming to you, programming wise. Even though we like to prepare you for the unknown and unknownable, we also want you to show up as much as possible.

In the image above you can see the programming for the upcoming month. With the programming come a few sidenotes:

  • Routine is the enemy of progress. However, using routine sparingly, it can form a strong base for your strength work.
  • In the functional bodybuilding sessions we sometimes use the same exercises more than once, so you can build on weights from previous sets from previous weeks.
  • The 31st of May, we’ll perform the hero WOD ‘Murph’, in honor of Lt. Michael Murphy, who died in Afghanistan on 28th of June, 2005. This can be a fairly tough workout, that’s why we use the coming month to build up to it. You can see the ‘Murph prep’ days in the template. It might be worth it to mention we will be doing ring rows instead of pull-ups, for obvious reasons. You might want to get used to wearing that weighted vest! Don’t have one? Don’t worry and read the article below. We’ve got you covered.

Body armor

The weighted vest is a great training tool. You can use it to get really good at bodyweight excersises or improve your general physical preparedness. The coming month there will be multiple occassions where you can use such a vest for a training session. If you have one, feel free to bring it.

For those who don’t have one, we have a nice giveaway sponsored by FEN, the Fitness Electronics and Nutrition brand by one of our fellow Ninja’s Arjan Veldhuizen. If you have social media, make sure you give FEN a follow on instagram @fen_company.

How does it work? We’re going to randomly select a member from the group of members who have booked and completed the most sessions between 1-5 and 20-5.

We’ll announce the winner on 21-5. You can collect your prize on the same day! Stay tuned.

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