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Full blown Summer! July is here 💥

Summer is in full swing, now the sun just needs to follow suit! Luckily your favorite gym is open for training, no matter the weather.

Full blown Summer! July is here 💥

It’s time to make a new group picture! We’ll see you all at the Ninja Games!

Ninja Games 2021 Prep

We’ve had around 30 teams sign up for the games across both divisions, and we think that’s totally awesome. The volunteer team is ready to go as well. All in all we’re really grateful we’ve got so many participants and so much support from the community. The team is looking forward to it and we bet you’re getting pumped as well.

Check out the time frame for July the 10th below:

0800 Doors Open
0830 Briefing WOD 1
0915 Start WOD 1
1045 Briefing WOD 2
1115 Start WOD 2
1215 Briefing WOD 3
1305 Start WOD 3
1440 announcement final event
1515 Final event
1600 Ceremony and start BBQ

We can’t wait to see you all there!

To top it off, here’s a little teaser for one of the workouts:

CrossFit Ninja's Den Haag

New Merchandise

There is some pretty cool new stuff entering the store. Iron Roots shorts for men and women, made from their unique blended environmental friendly fabric. Go check it out!

Also, your fellow Ninja Arjan Veldhuizen from FEN did a nice restock of the shop. A massage gun and kwakzalver sports cosmetics have now been added to our shelves. Have a quick peek in the shop after your next WOD and please let us know if you need any help!

Hi coach!

You might have seen Jeroen Groenheijde aiding the coaches the last few week, or maybe even got coached by him during one of these sessions. Well, we can say we’re thrilled to welcome him into the team. He’ll be coaching classes from the end of July. Welcome to the team Jeroen!

Bring a friend!
It’s time to bring your friends, colleagues and neighbours to the box. Tuesday the 19th at 2015h it’s going down. If you want to join, please send us an email with the name of your buddy and we’ll sign you up.

OLY classes!
The weightlifting gods have answered your prayers!The OLY class is added on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1900. Slam that bar!

The programming focus for this month is about combining weightlifting stimuli with shorter, intense metcons. We’ll mix this up with longer metcons and gymnastic strength sessions.

Start nu met CrossFit

Wil je starten met CrossFit in Den Haag?
Meld je dan aan voor de CrossFit introductiecursus.
Voor eenmalig € 50 krijg je 4 trainingen
waarin wij je alles leren over CrossFit.