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October brings new things, but we’re also tightening up the COVID regulations. Read on and find out! πŸ‚

October newsletter πŸ‚ πŸŽƒ

October brings new things, but we’re also tightening up the COVID regulations. Read on and find out!

COVID Relapse

The last few weeks have shown a strong rise in infections and hospitalized corona patients. The Hague is among the areas where the number of infected is rising rapidly. Just as the government is advising, we’re tightening up the precautions we’ve taken to prevent this from getting out of hand.

The following list is a combination of new and old regulations.

  • Keep a safe 1,5m to everybody in the gym. All the time. Especially during the whiteboard moments, going to the toilet and washing your hands. If you have a hard time estimating the 1,5m please take a stick into the workout with you. These are exactly 1,5m long. 
  • To keep tabs on how many people are in the gym, it is mandatory to subscribe for the open gym. If you didn’t subscribe, you’re not allowed to be in the open gym. 
  • No high fives, hugs, chest bumps etc. allowed for at least the coming 3 weeks. Keep a safe 1,5m distance. 
  • To prevent a bottle-neck near the toilets, don’t go to the toilet at the same time. If you see there is a line, go at a later time. This also goes for the changing rooms. If you don’t need to change or need a locker, don’t go inside. 
  • We have a total of 9 sinks with soap dispensers. Please use them to wash your hands before and after every workout. 

We’ll make sure there is a sanitation station next to the main entrance, so you have an extra option to disinfect your hands. To top it off, we’re going to make sure the baskets with multi-purpose cleaner and cloth are restocked and refilled, so you can clean your training gear after use.

Yoga time!

Starting from the 1st of October, you can subscribe for yoga classes every week at CrossFit Ninja’s. These classes will take place at the following hours:

  • Thursdays at 1630h
  • Sundays at 0815h

These yoga classes will be given by Sam, our new in-house yoga teacher. Here Sam tells something about herself: 

Hello Ninja’s, my name is Sam. I have been a sports lover since I was very young. Trying out all kinds of sports, I end up falling in love with kickboxing, CrossFit and yoga. A few months ago I started crossfitting a CrossFit Ninja’s. I feel so welcome. So thank you for that.

Now, let’s talk yoga! You might know that yoga is very good for you. But you prefer getting sweaty and lifting heavy barbels over downward facing dogs. I completely understand. Please keep doing that too. But doing yoga is an awesome way to work on your active recovery. Yoga has a positive effect on your digestion, mindset and flexibility. It has a lot more benefits, which I will tell more about during the classes. You will thank yourself for doing yoga 30 years from now. Promise.

The yoga classes will start with a dynamic flow to move and warm-up the joints and muscles. Every class ends with holding poses for a longer period of time, to really lengthen the muscles and create space in the joints. 

If you are in doubt whether yoga is for you, come and talk to me. Or just give it a try. You can join the yoga class at any level. Also if you have never done it before. No need to be flexible to start yoga, you get flexible by doing yoga. 

Hope to see you soon! ”

Well, if that doesn’t get you to do some yoga, i don’t know what will. Classes are capped at 6, so if you snooze, you lose. 

See you all there!

Event rollout

At CrossFit Ninja’s we love organizing cool events. While last September’s run was a great succes, we want to postpone the October event to when the COVID numbers are relatively stable again.

However, this gives us the opportunity to ask for your opinion.

What should the next event be? Please let us know by using the poll in our members group, use the button below.

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