Our CrossFit Box in The Hague has the same schedule every week, within which you can flexibly plan your training sessions

You must register online for all training sessions, this can be done up to 5 minutes before the training starts. Make sure you are on time. 



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The WOD (Workout of the Day) is the daily CrossFit workout. During this hour you train in a group under professional supervision. The goal is to have everyone perform the same training at his or her level. Each training consists of a warming up (mobilization/activation), going through the technique of the various exercises and then starting with the WOD. The training is different every day to keep surprising your body for maximum results.

Olympic weightlifting

This hour focuses on Olympic lifting and you work on your (clean & jerk and snatch) for an hour. This class is designed to teach proper technique and a safe and secure way of moving in these complex movements


Ring rows

The purpose of gymnastics as a training modality lies in the reliance on
body weight as the only source of resistance. This places a unique addition to the strength-to-weight ratio improvement. Unlike other strength training
modalities, only gymnastics provides strength gains while
increasing the strength-to-weight ratio



Strongman moves don't necessarily mean carrying a 1,000 lb stone or lifting a car. Our Strongman program includes yoke carry, farmer's walk, log, sandbags, sled push, sled pull and other strength exercises. This is a fun way to workout without using a barbell



Powerbuilding is intended to increase strength and muscle growth. The workout is likely to be a lower range of reps with a focus on strength and power. For example low rep, heavy back squats, bench press or cleans. The class normally includes some accessory work.


Endurance training is dedicated to improving performance, and cardiorespiratory endurance and boosting recovery. These classes involve combinations of running, skiing, rowing, and bodyweight movements. Conditioning training is useful for building a strong base for strength training, preventing injuries, building flexibility, and range of motion. These workouts will train the cardiovascular system to deliver more oxygen to the organs and muscles allowing you to push your limits during the WODs.


The goal of CrossFit Kids (3-6) is to introduce children to sports as a fun experience. The kids learn general and CrossFit movements, play games and work on their social skills.
In CrossFit teen lessons (6-10) and (10-15), teenagers are introduced to the CrossFit methodology under supervision. The lessons can consist of lighter strength exercises, skills and technique and a WOD.


The Open Gym is not visible on the schedule image, but the Open Gym is always available during our opening hours. You can train yourself in the Open Gym area. There is no guidance available in the Open Gym. We are always available for any questions and we also keep a close eye on safety