Personal Training in The Hague

Setting and Achieving Goals with Personal Training in The Hague

Personal training

In Personal Training the emphasis is on getting better at moving. By moving well and functionally you can prevent injuries and improve your sports performance. With Personal Training you work on one specific goal. You choose for Personal Training:

  • If you have mobility limitations that prevent you from moving properly.
  • If you are rehabilitating after an injury or if you want to move pain free.
  • As supportive strength training for your sport.
  • If you want to get better at certain training methods, such as weightlifting and gymnastics.

The goal of Personal Training is not to exhaust you, but to teach you how to move properly. If your goal is to lose weight or feel more energetic then it usually takes more than a few personal training sessions.

Starting with Personal Training

Are you interested in Personal Training? Then book an appointment for a (free) intake interview.

During the intake meeting we will discuss the goals you want to achieve with Personal Training, how you can best achieve these goals and who of our coaches can help you with .

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