Questions about CrossFit in The Hague

Do you have questions about starting CrossFit in The Hague?

CrossFit, is that only for very fit and hip people?

Questions about CrossFit in The Hague

I have no experience with fitness or CrossFit, can I still participate?

Yes! Anyone can join CrossFit. During the WOD (Workout of the Day) we will adjust the intensity of the exercises to your level. If an exercise is not suitable, we adjust the exercise without changing the pattern of the exercise.

If you start with CrossFit, join the technique class on Wednesday evening. During this technique lesson you will learn the 9 basic movements of CrossFit and you will receive an explanation of common exercises and techniques. The aim of these lessons is that you have the right technique during the workouts to perform the exercises properly.

Is CrossFit Safe?

Yes, CrossFit is safe. Under professional supervision, you first learn the technique of the movements and only when they meet the safety requirements do we let you load the movement by means of a loader. of speed or weight. Stick to the programming to avoid overload.

I have a (chronic) injury, can I still participate?

Yes, especially in case of a (chronic) injury, we advise you to bring the body back to basics with functional exercises. Always indicate this to the trainer, extra adjustment in load and extra attention to technique may be necessary. When in doubt, we recommend that you first take personal guidance.

How long is the training?

Maximum 60 minutes unless specified otherwise

Do I always have to register for training?

Yes, you must register (online) for every training and for the Open Gym. You can register for training up to 5 minutes before the training starts. If you are unable to attend the training, you can unsubscribe up to 1 hour before the training starts. This way we still have enough time to send an email to any members on the waiting list.

Can I also train independently?

Yes, we have a large Open Gym room with all the equipment you need. Whether you want to work on a weightlifting platform with a barbell, hang on the rack or do old-fashioned strength training, you can do it with us.

What should I wear to a training?

Sports shoes, shorts and a shirt. Make sure the clothes are comfortable, but not baggy. In addition, take a water bottle / water bottle with you and possibly a towel to shower after training.