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Open, BBQ and programming in March

A new era has begun. The QR pass is no more, the storms have settled and we’re Marching stronger than ever.

Open, BBQ and programming in March

Marching on

A new era has begun. The QR pass is no more, the storms have settled and we’re Marching stronger than ever.

BBQ March 12

Open 22.1 is in the books with the very last athletes giving it their best. Make sure we have your judge form on time if you want your team to get the points.

Not going for most points but still want to win? We got you!
Next to the fittest team, we have a price for best team name as well.
To compete for best name, your team has to make a group picture wearing your uniform team outfit and send it to us before the end of 22.3.

The winner will be chosen during the BBQ on the 12th.

BBQ, BBQ? What’s that you ask?

After the 3rd and final Open workout on March 12, we’re firing up the barbies and have ourselves a feast.

With the community spirit in mind, we thought it’s nice to go American style this time where everybody brings something to eat.
Call shotgun on your signature dish using the form at the whiteboard, or challenge each other to make the best ribs.

Firebreathers unite

The Programming for the coming 4 weeks will still be made ‘open kitchen’ style in the mobility area, so you can see what we’re doing and when.

After all the strict strength work for the past 4-6 weeks, it’s now time to add some more dynamic movements to your training. This will immediately crank up the intensity to give your fitness level a new boost. Always check with the coach to keep it safe, but…..
Get ready for some good old fashioned, face melting workouts where you dip your muscles in an acid bath and breathe so hard your lungs explode.

When giving it all you have on the WOD, you sometimes make a trip deep in your pain cave. To avoid feeling like a train hit you the next day, make sure to do your mobility/accessory work after class and supplement your lifestyle with Magnesium, Omega3, D3, C and Creatine.

Not to worry if you’re not ready for this, we’re here to help you scale it down.

Did you know?

Boiler issues
The thermostat broke, causing the boiler to overheat. We’re waiting for the new thermostat to arrive so the whole system can go back online.

New Merch
We’ve ordered new merchandise.. So exciting we can hardly wait.

Referral program
When you refer a friend you receive a 10% discount until the end of the year as long as he or she stays a member. You can bring on more members and even get a bigger discount! Just make sure to let us know in advance who’s your referral.

Start nu met CrossFit

Wil je starten met CrossFit in Den Haag?
Meld je dan aan voor de CrossFit introductiecursus.
Voor eenmalig € 50 krijg je 4 trainingen
waarin wij je alles leren over CrossFit.