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Open, Gymnastics, Programming and more

Sit down and prepare for some reading as this newsletter brings you lots of info on all the good stuff coming up.

Open, Gymnastics, Programming and more

Shortest month, longest mail

Sit down and prepare for some reading as this newsletter brings you lots of info on all the good stuff coming up.

The CrossFit Games Open 2022

The winds have changed directions, in the distance you hear the howling wind. The wind is calling for your honor, determination & strength. It’s the cry of the CrossFit Open 2022.

Following our yearly tradition, it is time to find a team and prepare for the in-house team competition.
Build a team, get a creative name & sign yourself up.
The team guidelines for Open are pretty simple:

  • You can’t have the same team as last year
  • Your team should have 1 master (35+) athlete and one beginner (<6 months experience)
  • A max of one coach per team (old and/or new coach)
  • Gender distribution should be even
  • Max 6 people per team

Starting 24 of February it’s time to shine. After each week, teams scores will be gathered and teams will be ranked after the final week.

  • Open Week 1 – February 24-28
  • Open Week 2 – March 3-7
  • Open Week 3 – March 10-14

Once you’ve found your team, write your team’s name & the members on the designated whiteboard. Feeling a little shy or don’t know who to ask, we’ve made this form for you. If you find a team, please remove your name from the list.

You’ve got 23 days to prepare, we’ll see you on the leaderboard.

Sexy Programming

Imagine being able to a strict muscle up.
Let that soak in. You, the rings and a strict muscle up.
Or what about a Deadlift with 2x your bodyweight?

These features of strength tend to carry over to sexy Wods really well, so why don’t we practice this more often?

In CrossFit we like to work hard and sweat our asses off with movements like power cleans and handstand pushups, but very few people can perform the movements or exercises as prescribed* and end up scaling, which is fine.

But if you’re doing CrossFit for a few years now and you still haven’t checked off on those higher skill ‘RX’ exercises, it’s time we start working on those basics, as if they were advanced. In February, the programming biases towards real* strength and skill to get you bulletproof, so hop on the gains train with loaded carries, heavy lifts and strict gymnastics.

Sounds cool and all, but you need some serious lungs to fuel those muscles if you want to keep up with your buddy on Saturday. So conditioning workouts should be done once a week. By eliminating the complex movement from a workout, we allow for intensity (=results) to increase while keeping the risk for injuries low. The workouts become less sexy, but we make it fun by doing it as a group.

Long sweet MetCons always play an important role in the programming, so prepare for some serious face-melters on Saturdays.
The programming is made ‘Open kitchen’ style on the whiteboard in the mobility area, check it out and DM us on Instagram and follow the live Q&A on Thursday 3-3-2022 at 15:00

*(Prescribed) According to the official CrossFit standards, without being at risk for injuries
**(Basics) The fundamental skills for more advanced and complex exercises. (Simple is often confused with easy.)
***(Real strength) Being able to tax your body out of alignment and still execute force without pain or injury

The Art of Mastery

To help you grow as an athlete, we’re happy to welcome Bram to our Personal Training team. Who specialises in Handstands and Ring Muscle Ups.

Handstand & ring muscle up

There are only a few things money can’t buy. One of them is skills. As a professional gymnast, all my life I’ve been obsessed with learnings new skills. In my opinion there is nothing more satisfying than when the body is exactly doing what the mind is telling it to do. The feeling of total control.
With over 20 years experience at the highest level of Gymnastics. I felt like it was time to spread the knowledge I’ve acquired over the past years. It is my goal to learn even more about the human body and its immense capabilities. I would love to work together with you to achieve both of our goals.

6-week Toes 2 Bar Classes

Looking to polish up your toes to bar? We’ve got you covered.
Gymnastics require practice, skill & patience to master. Mastering gymnastic skills goes beyond moving quickly. Understanding how we move & moving with clear intentions is key.

For the coming 6 weeks, we will be running a gymnastics class Thursday 9:30 with a bias of T2B. Starting with an extensive warmup, mobility drills and skill work we aim to get you a step closer to achieving your first T2B or increasing your T2B endurance.

When: Thursday at 9:30 starting 10th of February


Bring a Friend

Continuing through the year we want to thank you for recommending us to your friends, family or work colleges. If you have a friend trying out, please let us know in advance. If they sign up you get a 10% discount while they remain a member.

Social Media

We want to make your experience all rounded from classes, member events and social content. We’re going to produce more content from blog posts, short videos to photos in the coming months. We’d love to know what you want to see, send us a mail (addressed to Megan) or talk to her in person.

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Start nu met CrossFit

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Meld je dan aan voor de CrossFit introductiecursus.
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waarin wij je alles leren over CrossFit.