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Ahmad Sheikh Saeed

”Want to loose weight? I can help you out.”

Ahmad Sheikh Saeed

Profile image of CrossFit coach & personal trainer Ahmad Sheikh Saeed

”Want to lose weight? I can help you out.”

Ahmad Sheikh Saeed

CrossFit trainer, Personal trainer

I started fitness 10 years ago, just to lose weight and get fit myself. I ended up falling in love with CrossFit and decided to start coaching. I’m passionate about getting people out of their comfort zone to help prove to themselves what their bodies are capable of, after sitting behind a computer all day. I love powerlifting the most, but will never say no to a nice, challenging cardio workout!

If you need any help achieving your fitness goals, whatever they are, please don’t hesitate to contact me.



CrossFit Level 1 trainer & CrossFit Level 2 trainer

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